Saturday, 5 August 2017

How to analyse Tiny/shortened URL's

1. Preview a TinyURL : 

Don't want to be instantly redirected to a TinyURL and instead want to see where it's going before going to the site? This can we done by using preview feature.

The preview feature requires cookies to be enabled in your web browser.

If you are getting a tiny URL like this you can view the original url before it redirecting to a domain using "preview"

2. Google Short URL:   

   If this is for Google URL shortner use at the end of the link

  If you got a link like
  then you can view the details by typing ".info" at the end of the link.
  So here you will get the original url details by typing in the browser.
  To check analytics (clicks, browser, location, referrers) on a short URL, simply type the short URL into the address field in your browser and enter .info after it.

  So if your short URL is:, then type into the field
3. Bitly Short URL: is the default URL shortner for Twitter.

    1.One way to know real time traffic, referrer data, location and all number of
clicks for shortened links is by signing up for a account, once account is created,
user can track stats for all links.


2. you can simply add a “+” to the end of the URL. And you can get the full details about the short


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