Sunday, 3 August 2014

Creating a Super user with root Privileges

Sudo is a program which can be used by normal users to execute programs as super user or any other user. Sudo access is controlled by /etc/sudoers. The users listed in /etc/sudoers file can execute commands with an effective user id of 0 and a group id of root's group.

The file '/etc/sudoers' should be edited with the editor "visudo".

 First, create a user called "ctechz"

# useradd ctechz
# passwd

 To give a specific group of users limited root privileges, edit the file with visudo as follows:

 # visudo

03. Go down to the line ‘# User privilege specification‘and add the following line.

ctechz ALL=(ALL) ALL

ctechz : name of user to be allowed to use sudo
ALL : Allow sudo access from any terminal ( any machine ).
(ALL) : Allow sudo command to be executed as any user.
ALL : Allow all commands to be executed.


Create a user with uid 0

# useradd -u 0 -o jeff

 -u, --uid UID force use the UID for the new user account
 -o, --non-unique allow create user with duplicate


Create a Normal user and edit its uid in /etc/passwd file and make it as ZERO

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