Tuesday, 22 October 2013

How to setup OSTicket-Open Source Ticketing tool

When installing OS Ticket it will use some default mail id's


1. At this point you should have downloaded latest osTicket. Uncompress the files and upload files and directories in upload directory to a directory of your choice on your server.

For example /osticket/, /helpdesk/ or /support/ depending on your preference.

2. OsTicket installer needs to be able to write and modify ost-config.php found in the include directory.

You can find a ost-config.sample.php file in Include directory rename it as ost-config.php
3. Once all of the above steps are complete, you can complete the installation and basic setup in a web browser.

You can invoke the installer by simply browsing the osTicket URL e.g http://www.yourdomain.com/ost  -----> (Use 80 port)
and Please follow the instructions given by the installer.
After this follow the screen instructions carefully and set up the rest functions.

 mail: support@in.ctechz.com

3.1 Change the permission of ost-config.php to 777 for installation.

3.2 When installing 'http://ctechz.com/support/upload/setup/install.php"  if nothing is showing in browser, make sure that you installed below package,

 ---> Create one mysql DB with a username and password and with full permission to the DB user.

 # yum install php-mysql
 # service mysqld restart
 # service httpd reload

3.3 After this is installed do the following :-
Change permission of ost-config.php to remove write access

 # chmod 644 include/ost-config.php
Delete setup directory

After verifying that your installation completed correctly please delete setup folder.

 # cd /var/www/html/support/upload
 # rm -rf setup

Install/Enable cryptography extension mcrypt (optional)
Cryptography extension mcrypt is not enabled or installed. 

IMAP/POP passwords will be stored as plain text in database.

3.4 Then go to admin panel for rest of the configuration

--> Login into the account using AdminUserName and Password
--> you can see an option on top like "System is set to offline mode - Client interface is disabled and ONLY admins can access staff control panel. Enable."

Enable it, and follow the pic for more installation details.   
4. Configure mail sending and receiving option with support@........ ID using pop.

5. Ensure some default mail address for the ticketing system.

6. Give correct mail server address to send and receive mails.

7. create some subdomain for accessing the ticketing system via browser, such as support.ctechz.com / ticket.ctechz.com etc

Given Below some if the screen shoots

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