Monday, 4 February 2013

How to take a VM's Snapshot in VMWare Workstation

Please follow the steps to take a SnapShot of the VM's in VMWare

Difference a snapshot and a clone:-

Snapshots allow you to quickly move between different states of the machine.

A snapshot can be taken while the machine is powered on or off.

If a snapshot is taken while the VM is powered on, then it will preserve the entire working state of the machine,
including all the running applications.

If a snapshot is taken while the machine is logged in,
restoring to that snapshot will bypass any passwords required to log in to that OS on that VM.

so power off the VM and take the snapshot.

A clone is functionally different than using snapshots.
Snapshots are contained in a single VM instance, and allow you to switch between different states of that virtual machine. 

You can only run one of these states at a time.
When a VM is cloned, it creates an entirely new copy of it in VirtualBox, each with their own set of individual snapshots.

Once a clone is created, it is simply another virtual machine instance.

As such you can run as many clones as you like simultaneously, realistically limited by the RAM and processor(s) on the system.


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