Sunday, 14 October 2012

How to open a new port in aws server

1. Check the instance for to know in which security group
 you are a member :-
  Security Groups: quick-start-1

2. Then go to "Network Security" and expand the list and
   Select `Security Groups`.
 In this several security groups are defined. and select your instance's `security group`.

  In that there are two tabs `Details` and `Inbound`.
  Select Inbound

3. Select "Create a new Rule" = HTTP --- select the rule
                  you want, here it is HTTP 
          "Source "   =  ---- from any source and
                     click "Add Rule" tab.

4. Finally "Apply Rule Changes"

5. And take your public DNS in Browser

 If you are not getting the default page, Go to your instance and check is there any iptable rule or not.

 # iptables -L
   If it is there just flush the rule and try
 # iptables -F

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